Part of creating an enjoyable experience for you is providing you with a complete and personalized service. I don’t treat my clients as just customers. Instead I work to develop a relationship with you. After all, you're hiring me for your important life moments. I will walk you through every part of the process, from the time of your consultation to when you receive your finished prints. This business model allows me to not only provide you with quality photographs, but a memory of a fun experience in working with me. I have designed my business to stand out as a full-service photographer in order to meet the wishes of the discerning client. I will create art that you will love. Life changes quickly and a gorgeous photo is a reminder of this moment in time. It's important to book a photographer that you feel reflects you and the ideas that you have for your photos. I am an artist; my clients are those who value the art and experience that I create for them. If you are the type of person who appreciates great service and quality portrait art, I look forward to working with you.